Versace metal-heeled leather ankle boots

I showed you the shoe version of these a few weeks ago, and wasn’t particularly taken with them. Because “fickle” is my middle name, though (Not literally: it’s “Louise”), I have to admit that the boots are somehow more appealing to me: perhaps just because my experience is that boots are much easier to walk in, because they give some extra support to the ankle, and let’s face it, with a heel/platform combo like this one, you’re going to need all the support you can get.

I think we need another photo in order to savour these fully:

For me they fall into the category of “so ugly they’ve come full circle and persuaded me to like them”, but I’m aware that many of you will want to just chop off the second part of that sentence and file them under “so ugly”. Or, of course, maybe you’ll just love them with no reservations at all.

Which camp are you in?

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  • Wowza! Those have some major attitude!

    But I’ll have to agree with Denise, cut off the bottom and add a proper heel, and I would love these boots. These are just several bridges too far for me…

  • I would try those on in the store to fully appreciate the ridiculousness of them. But I could never buy them as my boyfriend is only a couple inches taller than me, and I don’t think he’d appreciate me being that much taller than him…

  • Love these – not sure when I would wear them though as I am always working and they are too special for that!

  • I love them so! they’re pefect just the way they are..
    But then, I also love tanz metal and hardcore music..

  • So ugly? Are you having a laugh? They are the farthest thing from ugly I’ve ever seen. The shoe version of these is ugly but these are awesome!

    • In the same way that people who call other people names just because they have different taste in shoes are crazy, I assume. Why’s it so difficult for some people to accept that not every single person in the whole world has exactly the same taste as every other person? (And wouldn’t it be boring if they did?) They can’t just say they like the shoes, they’ve got to try to put down anyone else who doesn’t like them. Because OMG, everyone has to be exactly the same! Heaven forbid that someone have a different opinion!

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