Head Over Heels gold ‘Kosmo’ peep toe wedges

Head Over Heels gold 'Kosmo' peep toe wedges

Head Over Heels gold ‘Kosmo’ peep toe wedges, £35

Guys, I think I’ve found them: could my search for the perfect summer holiday sandals finally be over?

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I thought that search was ALREADY over: I bought these Dorothy Perkins sandals a few weeks ago, and although I haven’t had the opportunity to properly road test them yet, I have high hopes of them being the answer to the eternal “what shoes to take on holiday” problem.

I come up against this problem every single time I travel, and it never seems to get any easier to solve. The main issue is that when I take a trip, I tend to do a lot of walking – a lot more than I do at home, and WAY more than my usual stilettos would be suitable for. I need to be comfortable while I’m doing all this walking, but, me being me, I also want to wear something I actually LIKE, and which fits in with my style – so you’re not going to catch me in Birrkenstocks or Crocs, basically, and I don’t care how trendy the former have become, or how comfortable the latter might be: I maintain there are shoes out there which are comfortable AND stylish – it’s just a matter of finding them. And today I think I possibly have.

These peep toes are by Head Over Heels, and they have a very small wedge, which will make them more comfortable than the flats I bought, because they’ll provide a bit of arch support. The heel will also help elongate the leg a little, but without making the shoe any harder to walk in than one that’s totally flat. Finally, the open toe and woven upper will keep the air circulating and stop the feet from sweating – so assuming they don’t rub, they could just be exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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