Shoe Trends: Bright suede court shoes

The classic court is making a big comeback this season, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed from all of the pairs I’ve been showing you this month. The key to this season’s court is the suede upper and the bright colour: and while the pointed toe has long been out of favour with my readers, I think this type of toe really lends itself to this particular style, which is the perfect compliment to all of the big 50s style skirts and dresses the stores are full of at the moment (much to my pleasure), so I find myself starting to slowly come round to the idea of allowing pointed toes back into my shoe closet again.

Some of the shoes in the image above are ones I’ve shown you before, while others are new: all of them, however, have three things in common:

1. They’re suede.

2. They’re bright.

3. They have pointed toes.

I’d quite happily take a pair of each, if the Shoe Fairy was offering, but what do you think of this trend? Are you tempted by any of these?

The shoes pictured can be found at:
New Look (Blue, pink, orange, yellow, £49.99)
Miss Selfridge (Pink, blue, £48)
Topshop (bow shoes, £60, in mustard and purple, red shoes, £48)
Zara (Green, £29.99)
Mango (orange, $172)


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