Not Rated polka dot ‘Carnival’ peep toes

polka dot peep toe shoes

These shoes aren’t perfect.

For one thing, they could be doing without the fussy embellishment on the toe: they don’t need it, and it spoils the lines of the otherwise classic shape.

For another, well, I would probably like them just a little better if the heel/sole wasn’t quite so neon. With that said, though, I actually have a pair of shoes which use an almost identical colour scheme to the shoe on the left, and in that case, I think the small amount of neon adds to the overall appeal, so perhaps I’d feel the same about these ones, too: I can be fickle like that, after all.

Ultimately, though, these shoes are just $44.95. And they’re cute. Are you going to pass up a pair of cute, polka dot peep toes for that price? If you answered, “no way, gimme!” you can click here to buy them at DSW.

Not Rated polka dot ‘Carnival’ peep toes, $44.95
Click here to buy them.


  • Love them, especially with the neon touches, and I don’t even mind the embellishment either. I guess that means I have no choice but to buy them, right? :p

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