Schuh ‘Bowen’ ankle strap bow-front peep toes

Schuh 'Bowen' peep toes

I dreamt about these shoes last night.

I have no idea what the dream was about (although I think blogging also featured: I get like this right before a vacation, when I have to write dozens of posts all at the same time), or why these shoes in particular should have made an appearance: I’ve looked at them lots of times on the Schuh website, but have never featured them here, because they’re just too chunky for my taste. I’m going to take that dream as a sign that I have to show you them, though, otherwise, I don’t know, something bad will happen to my own shoes? Yes, it’s unlikely, but I’m not going to take the risk, so here, without further ado, are Schuh’s ‘Bowen’, featuring that familiar bow which first cropped up on some River Island designs last year, and has been appearing everywhere ever since.

(You know, I really love that bow. Maybe that’s why I dreamt about them?)

Schuh ‘Bowen’ ankle strap bow-front peep toes, £50
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