Gianvito Rossi embellished satin and PVC slingbacks

Gianvito Rossi | Embellished satin and PVC slingbacks

Gianvito Rossi embellished satin and PVC slingbacks, £1,035

If you’d told me a year or two ago that PVC would come to be one of my most-loved features on shoes, I’d probably just have laughed – and privately thought you were a little bit crazy. With so many of the major designers making clear PVC sections a major feature of their evening shoes, however, it’s come to seem perfectly normal – and very, very covetable. In fact, some of the most beautiful (not to mention the most expensive: so much for PVC being “cheap”!) shoes around right now use clear plastic somewhere on the upper, and one of those styles is Gianvito Rossi’s satin slingbacks, which are new in at Net-a-Porter this week.

These shoes require little in the way of explanation from me. The transparent section is used to create that “barely there” effect, with the super low-cut vamp revealing the maximum amount of toe-cleavage, too. They’re the type of fancy footwear that are just begging to be worn somewhere glamorous, so if you want to “save” these, you better hope you can live up to their expectations!

How to save Gianvito Rossi’s satin/PVC sandals?

“Barely-there” shoes aren’t at all difficult to style: the whole point of them is that they’re designed to work with absolutely everything, so the question is more WHERE to wear them, rather than HOW to wear them. I can’t, unfortunately, help you with that one, but I can most definitely help you find a dress special enough to do these shoes justice, and here it is:

what to wear with Gianvito rossi gold sandals

What to wear with Gianvito Rossi satin/PVC sandals


It’s by Oscar de la Renta, and it’s actually sold out, although I have a feeling that small fact is probably more or less irrelevant to most of, due to the astronomical price. Oh well: we can still dream, right?

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