Brooks Brothers nautical bow wedges

Brooks Brothers nautical wedges

Brooks Brothers nautical wedges, $325

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Brooks Brothers on this site before, but as soon as I saw the words “nautical”, “bow” and “wedge” being used together in the same product description, I knew I had to rectify that ASAP. Actually, any ONE of those words is often enough to guarantee a shoe a mention here, but put them all together, and you have a good chance of creating Shoe Kryptonite.

These shoes aren’t quite in the ‘Kryptonite’ category: oh, I love my nautical wedges (maybe a little bit too much sometimes), but the skinny ankle stap on these ones prevents them from being 100% perfect, purely because I never find those kind of straps totally comfortable.  If these were cheaper, though (and by that I mean a LOT cheaper…), I wouldn’t let the strap put me off: I love the red, white and blue colourway, I love the little flat bow, and I love the platform sole. (Which is strange, really, because I’ve completely gone off platforms on any other style of shoe, but I still love them on wedges, for some reason!) They’re close to being the perfect summer shoes, in other words, and that meant I had to pair them with the perfect summer outfit:

nautical summer outfit

Casual summer outfit:

♥  John Lewis stripe top  ♥  Vero Moda denim shorts    Marine navy cotton beach bag  ♥  Jigsaw polka trilby ♥  Tom Ford sunglasses

This is much more laid-back than the type of looks I normally feature here, but it’s exactly the kind of outfit I love to wear, especially on vacation. Sometimes the simplest, most casual outfits are the ones I feel best in, and let’s face it: I can always find room in my closet for another stripe shirt!


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