Blue suede pointed toe wedges by Giuseppe Zanotti

I love blue suede shoes (Just call me Elvis.)

I love wedges.

I love Giuseppe Zanotti.

There was never any possibility of me NOT loving these blue suede Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, was there?

Now, I know what you’ll all say. “But Shoeperwoman!” you’ll cry, “They have pointed toes! And we don’t like pointed toes!”

I know. And honestly, I’d prefer them to be just a little less pointed myself. Look on the bright side, though: this is the first pair of wedges I’ve shown you in months that don’t have a gigantic platform sole attached to them. That has to be worth something, right?

Is it worth $650, dollars, though? I’m pretty sure I know what you’ll have to say about that, too, but just in case I’m wrong, you can click here to buy yourself a pair from Shopbop.



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