Office Asymmetric Kicks double buckle platform suede shoes

As some of you may have seen me mention on Twitter recently, Office has a new website, and I love it: it’s much cleaner, and easier to navigate than the old version, which means it’s much easier to find shoes! Within a few seconds of landing on the homepage this morning, for instance, I found myself admiring these ‘Asymmetric Kicks” platforms, which come in red and green, and cost £80.

The thick platforms give these shoes a very 70s feel, which means that although I absolutely love the colours (and especially that green suede), my money is safe, because they’re just a little too chunky for me. I do like the asymmetric uppers, though, which help set these shoes aside from all of the legions of other platforms out there right now, and which look like a shoe boot from one side, and a Mary Jane from the other: an interesting effect, which I’d really like to see on a foot, so I can decide what I really think about them.

What do YOU think about them?

Office Asymmetric Kicks, £80: click here to buy them.


  • I must say I love(d) to look at them, they are very beautiful, but not enough for me to dream of buying them… but as I said, very beautiful anyway!

  • I wish shoe websites would show photos of their shoes on a model – it can really affect your opinion of a shoe whnen you see it on a foot! Clothing websites mostly show their clothes on models so why not do the same with shoes?

  • To me, these seem a clear ripoff (or more kindly, imitation) of YSL. I don’t know if you’re allowed to link to other sites, but if you do a Google image search for “yves saint laurent palais strappy platform pump” it’s obvious. Jennifer Garner has worn them; if you want to get a better idea on foot, you can do a Google image search for “jennifer garner stella mccartney pink.” I like them, but I wouldn’t ever wear them as they’re not my style.

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