A Capsule Wardrobe for Autumn

sample capsule wardrobe for autumn 2014

I know, I know: I’m very, very late with this autumn capsule wardrobe! I promised to do one for each season, but the truth is that, where I live, fall isn’t so much a “season” in itself, as it’s the couple of weeks before winter sets in in earnest. For that reason, in real life, I don’t tend to make much of a distinction between the two seasons in terms of clothing, and will wear more-or-less the same things from now until spring.

Because I like to dream of an autumn in which a distinct capsule wardrobe is required, though – and for those of you who might have need of such a wardrobe – here it is!

Tan leather jacket // green wool coat // faux fur scarf  // tan leather bag // knee high boots 

black jeans // camel trousers // cream sweater // glitter cardigan //leopard print flats

plaid pencil skirt // green full skirt // forest green shift dress //  cropped turtle neck

gold shoe boots // glitter tank top // cable knit tights //  black tights // leopard print scarf

As well as being similar to a winter wardrobe suitable for UK weather, this autumn capsule wardrobe could also have ended up being very similar to the spring capsule I put together earlier this year: the perils of living in a country with only two seasons! In order to keep them distinct, and because this is the first fall capsule I’ve created, I’ve gone for a very classic, traditionally autumnal feel, using earthy shades of tan, gold and forest green. These may not be the boldest colours out there, but they’ll mix and match effortlessly, which is, after all, the whole point of a capsule wardrobe in the first place!

Most people recommend lots of layers when it comes to dressing for autumn weather. I also like to include a couple of “luxe” touches, such as the faux-fur scarf, and leopard print shoes – they help add texture and pattern, and make the overall effect a little more interesting!

Here are 23 outfits you can create using the items in this capsule wardrobe: I’m sure there are many more combinations you could come up with, though!

selection of autumn outfits created from a small capsule wardrobe

The Ultimate Collection of Capsule Wadrobes


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