Shoes with Hearts:Talylor Says ‘Royal Hearts’ platforms

Shoes with Hearts

Shoes with Hearts

Shoes with Hearts, £219.99

It’s only right that I give you fair warning here that you’re probably going to be seeing a bit more from Taylor Says over the next few weeks, The brand is actually a new discovery of mine, but I can already see that designer Taylor Reeve has an eye for the quirky and the cute, and has created more than a few pairs of shoes which jumped out at me as I scrolled through them all.

These heart-front pumps were the first pair I found from the brand, and given that shoes with hearts are another of my footwear weaknesses, I naturally had to take a closer look. They’re called ‘Roya Hearts’ and have a huge, 6″ heel with a 1.5″ covered platform, plus, of course, that jewel-encrusted heart on the toe. There are two colours available: a turquoise/red version and a black/red one, and both have real leather uppers and soles.

With all of that  technical stuff out of the way, I think the main thing to say about these shoes is that they definitely have a bit of “wow” factor, partly due to the contrasting colours, but mostly because of that oversized heart. Shoes like this have a danger of looking just little bit cartoonish, and the chunky shape and high platform does contribute to that feeling, to say nothing of the sole, which is pretty amazing in its own right, and picks up the ‘Royal Hearts’ theme from the name:

heart sole

Fabulous, isn’t it?

I love the turquoise/red combination, which isn’t something you see every day, but I suspect the black might be just a little easier to wear. That said, either pair will be perfect with a standard black dress, or even a pair of jeans: when the shoes look like this, you really don’t have to worry too much about what you wear with them!

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  • Wow! The soles are amazing! I love that people would catch a little glimpse of it as you walk and want to get a closer look. I think it’s great that lots of brands have started turning their attention to the soles if their shoes lately, really adds an interesting dimension.

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