Polka dot shoes from Hobbs: Invitation Tiara courts

polka dot shoes

Polka dot shoes, £139

Polka dot shoes are always guaranteed a spot here on ShoeperWoman.com, and while these ones aren’t my favourite of all of the pairs I’ve show you over the years (You can find the polka dot shoes archive here, if you have some spare time to kill and want to be seeing spots by the end of it!), they are covered in one of my favourite prints, so here they are, for your viewing pleasure! Well, I have made it something of a personal mission to show you every pair of polka dot shoes that come under my radar: I couldn’t let these ones pass me by!

These are by Hobbs, and feature fabric uppers printed with what is actually supposed to be a selection of pearls, which create that polka dot effect. They have a 3.7″ heel, so they’re another pair which fall into that “not quite as high as the shoes I usually feature here” category, making them a good choice if you have a night of dancing planned. The small platform will make that heel feel even lower, too,

These have a nice, almond-shaped toe, which means they’re not too “trendy”, and hopefully won’t date too easily either, as almond toes don’t seem to go in and out of fashion as regularly as their pointed-toed counterparts do. They also seem (from what I gather from my comments section, anyway) to be one of the most popular toe shapes here at ShoeperWoman, and perhaps that’s why. The bad news, however, is that although I found these on the “new arrivals” page of the Hobbs website, they’ve either proven to be very popular, or were low in stock to start with, because there are currently only a few sizes remaining. If you wear a size 37 – 49, you’re in luck; if not, well, I guess you could always just settle for the matching evening bag instead? No?

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