Miss Selfridge ‘Sassy’ platform court shoes

Blue, gold and pink platform court shoes

The fact that these are just simple, classic court shoes should mean that there’s really nothing about them worth writing home about. I beg to differ, however: I think that gorgeous blue upper really IS worth talking about, and while we’re on the subject, how about the gold and pink versions, too? All three of these pretty much jumped off the page at me, despite their non-remarkable shapes, and they’re the kind of shoes I can imagine owning for years, and wearing non-stop, to the point where the cost-per-wear of the £40 investment would be down to mere pennies. (Well OK, maybe not the glitter versions: I’d find those harder to get the use out of, but I’d definitely give it my best shot!)

These are actually available in a range of other, more toned-down colours, too: there’s a black suede, and a couple of shades of brown, so if you’re looking for something a little more classic – or just like the idea of owning the same shoe in multiple colours (Not that I’d ever advocate doing such a thing, of course. Ahem.) – these could be worth a look. Click here to take your pick.


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