Supertrash red ‘Bowie’ pumps with bow

Red peep toe shoes with bow

The site I found these shoes on in based in Amsterdam, so it took me a few minutes to find the “UK” button on the bottom, and convert everything to English. I persevered, though, (For YOU, readers, for YOU!) and now that I’ve had a good look around, I bring good news and bad news.

First, the good news: they do ship to the UK, and to much of Europe. Yay!

Now, the bad news: they don’t ship anywhere else. Boo! (Pleasedon’thateme)

The bad news is particularly bad, because just look at the arch on these babies:

Red high heel shoes with bow on toeBeautiful, isn’t it? I won’t even mention the gorgeous, fat bow on the toe, but I will just respectfully ask shoe designers in general to stop adding superfluous ankle straps to their designs, because my ankles don’t thank them for it.

These are 149 euros: click here to buy them.


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