Sophia Webster Vivi patent-trimmed leather sandals

shoes with blue and yellow upper and coral bow

shoes with black and white striped heels red bow on shoe

Sophia Webster Vivi, $585

These shoes are… well, they’re kind of ridiculous really, aren’t they?

I say that in the nicest possible way, though. I mean, the second I laid eyes on these, I knew I’d be featuring them here – how could I not? – but there’s no denying that there’s a whole lot going on here. The pale blue upper. The lemon slingback. The coral bow and heel. The pink lining. The black and white stripe heel. Like I said: a LOT going on.

Minus even one of those elements, these could possibly tip the scale into Kryptonite territory for me. If the heel was blue or yellow, say, to match the upper, or if the bow was just a LITTLE less frilly. As they are, they’re crazy in the best possible way, and I love to look at them, but probably wouldn’t spend $585 on them. Probably.

If you would, however, and you’re wondering how on earth you’d wear them, I really like the way Net-a-Porter have styled them by picking out the colours of the shoe:

outfit with coral jacket and white jeans

I wouldn’t wear these individual items, but I do like the way they all work together, and this is something that could be easily replicated with other pieces in the same basic colours.

What would you wear with these?

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  • Love them too but don’t think I could walk in them! Like the Net-à-Porter styling too, makes the shoes look very classy.

  • I would like them a whole lot more without the black and white striped heel and strap. Net-a-Porter always do good styling, I think.

  • I love them. They are vibrant and whimsical. If they were about $200 cheaper, they’d be in my closet.


  • These are fantastic! They scream Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland to me 🙂 I would love the chance to show them off. They’d totally be the focal point of the outfit.

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