Kelly Brook for New Look knotted slingback heels

knotted slingback shoes

Knotted slingbacks, £24.99

I’ve mentioned before that I’m partial to the look of a knotted front on a shoe, and I’m also rather keen on the Kelly Brook line for New Look, which is full of pin-up inspired styles. There’s nothing particularly new or original about these shoes (And it goes without saying that Louboutin does the knotted-front look a whole lot better), but they’re a useful kind of shoe to have in your closet, as I can testify: I have a black pair similar to these (also from New Look), and although they’re years old now, they still get worn fairly regularly. I can imagine I’d say the same about either of these two, and although red shoes always grab my attention and hold it, I also really like the fact that there’s a navy version of these: it’s such a great alternative to black, and a shade you just don’t see often enough on footwear.

If you prefer classic black, however, you’ll be pleased to know these are available in that, too, and at £24.99 per pair, you’re probably not going to have to agonise over which one to go for if you’re torn between two of them.

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