Christian Louboutin ‘June Kid’ Blue Leather D’orsay Pumps

Christian Louboutin blue strappy shoes blue high heel shoes with red sole


Christian Louboutin ‘June Kid’, £465

These shoes have been on my radar for a while now: in fact, the only reason I haven’t shown you them already is that, while I’m really enjoying the current trend for pointed toes (If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I’d own quite so many pairs of pointy shoes by now, I’d probably just have laughed!), I tend to think this kind of toe looks better on a pump than it does on a strappy sandal. With the slingback and straps, this shape still feels just a little bit dated to me, but of course, I was saying that about ALL pointed toes not so long ago, so who knows how I may feel in another few months!

With all of the above said, the second photo was almost enough to win me over right now. The combination of cobalt blue and bright red is pretty irresistible to me: I’ve always thought the red Louboutin sole was incidental to the beauty of the shoes, but in this case it compliments it perfectly, and makes the shoe even better when viewed from behind.

Here’s what they look like on (a headless model):

model in black dress and blue Christian Louboutin shoes

Convinced? If you are, they’re £465 at Browns: get them here.


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