O Jour Swirly Suede Pumps in Blue and Pink

Blue and pink peep toe shoes with swirls

After enjoying a large amount of popularity in the late 90s and early “naughties” (sorry, I can’t actually seem to write that without the inverted commas) d’orsay cut shoes have rather dropped off the fashion radar these days. They haven’t disappeared completely, though, and these ones by O Jour make a nice change from all of the high platforms and chunky heels we’re seeing at the moment. The shape and pattern has a vintage feel to it, and while I mentioned the pink and blue mix in the title, if you look closer, you’ll also see that some orange has crept in, too.

Now, blue, pink and orange are three colours I wouldn’t ever dream of putting together, not even in the name of “colourblocking”, so I’m glad that someone else thought to do it, and did it so well, into the bargain.

These are $795 at Zappos: click here to buy them.


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