STUDIO TMLS Manaus purple pointed toe court shoes

Purple court shoes with pointed toe and button embellishment

My newfound interest in shoes with pointed toes has led me to spend a little too long staring at these shoes recently. These are court shoes in the truest sense of the word, in that I can imagine them – or something very like them – being worn by ladies in powdered wigs and corseted waists, at the court of some European monarch a couple of hundred years ago. I love the rich, purple colour – that’s a given – but I also have a soft spot for shoes with buttons on the front, so the little button-topped rosettes on these are the perfect touch for me. Finally, the pointed toe is just the right shape: not so pointed it looks dated/witchy, but pointy enough to add a touch of elegance that the same shoe with a rounder toe just wouldn’t have.

Purple shoes with pointed toeThese are £143 at Sarenza, but they’re currently in low stock, so if you love them, click here to snap them up!

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