John Richmond 150mm crystal suede & satin platform sandals

When I first found these shoes, I sat and stared at then for a good couple of minutes. Then I changed the camera angle on the Luisa Via Roma website and stared at them some more. Well, they’re that kind of shoe, aren’t they? They’re shoes made for staring, and staring’s what you’re going to get should you decide to wear them.

These have a huge, 5.9″ heel, a correspondingly huge platform, and a couple of rather sweet colourways on offer. I’d probably go for the green and black version, because the pink is a little too “Studded Shoe Barbie” for my tastes, but I can certainly appreciate the look of them, as all my recent staring proves.

Like them? They’re £333 and you can click here to buy them.


  • love the shape and style, but they should only have one type of upper, satin/suede/leather and the colour combinations are strange! Also exchange the crystals for studs and voila! They are interesting and definitely worthy of a good stare.

  • I agree with Kelsey. I kind of like the shape and the idea of these, but I seriously hate the pearly things. I feel those make the shoe look too much like a Christmas ornament or something.

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