Pewter crossover ‘Tia’ sandals from Faith

Up until a few years ago, it used to be the case that most evening shoes were delicate, strappy creations, that could barely be seen on the foot. Those styles still have their place, of course (they’re fantastic if you’re wearing a statement dress, and don’t want to detract attention from it with your shoes), but they do start to blend into one another after a while, so I’ve started to lean towards chunkier shoes, like these ones from Faith, when it comes to evening wear.

Although these will cover quite a bit of the foot, they’re still very glamorous: for some reason I keep picturing them worn with a white, Marilyn Monroe-style halter-neckdress, but the pewter colour will work with almost anything, and although they’re great to look at in their own right, they won’t steal too much attention away from whatever else you’re wearing, either.

These are £60, and you can buy them at Faith.

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