Shoe Review: Dune ‘Gleeful’ gold wedge sandals

gold wedge shoes

Dune ‘Gleeful’, £59

Continuing with the vacation theme, another of my summer holiday essentials is a pair of comfortable wedge sandals, in a colour that will go with everything in my suitcase. My preference is for gold, because as well as being very versatile, it’s also a little dressier than a non-metallic shade, which makes it easier to dress the shoes up and down as required.

My existing pair of gold wedges have seen better days, so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement for months now, and finally decided on these ‘Gleeful’ wedges from Dune. Me being me, I’d have preferred a slightly higher heel, but I have to acknowledge that the lower one will probably be a little more practical. The colour, however, is perfect: I’ll mostly be wearing these with casual outfits, but the metallic leather has a really nice sheen to it which doesn’t really translate well in the photo, so they really will work with just about everything I’ll be taking with me.

I find that Dune shoes tend to run large, and these were no exception. I went down one size in them, and although my big toe extends very slightly over the edge of the platform, the size down was a much better fit than my regular size, and as the uppers are leather, I suspect they’ll stretch a little with wear, and wind up perfect. The slingback strap is adjustable, though, as you can see from the photo, so I can always let it out a bit if I need to.

I DID take some other photos of these, but to be completely honest, they didn’t really add much to the one at the top of the page, so if you’d like to see more you can head over to the Dune website!

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  • You have convinced me that I need gold wedges for summer too! Lucky I don’t have to get them right away, due to it being the middle of winter here.

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