Teal suede jewelled slingbacks from Zara

Here’s another pair of shoes Zara have been trying to tempt me with lately. These are part of the current collection, which means they’ve been right there to try on in every store I’ve visited this month, and I actually think they’re prettier in real life than they are in these photos. Not that they aren’t pretty in the photos, too, mind you:

That’s one blinged-up peep toe right there.

I’d normally find this much embellishment on the toe of a shoe way too much, but it somehow works on this one. I must admit, though, it’s really the teal suede that makes these a winner for me.

What do you think of them? They’re £69.99, and you can click here to buy a pair.


  • They have this amazing shape that would make me pull out my wallet instantly, if not the jewels.. I’m not a fan of big fake chrystals

  • I adore everything about these shoes… One of the reasons I avoid stepping my foot in Zara is that their shoes are always so gorgeous that I can’t resist splurging on yet another pair. And, to be honest, these heels are not made for walking, at least not for me.

  • I love “stone embellishement”, over the top shoes, I really do! The color of these ones is amazing, so, I did love these shoes! I would have loved even more if they were closed toes… but anyway, very beautiful!

  • I loved them! I’ve seen them in 2 stores already, I tried them on, and they are amazing! It’s the price that makes me think about it and the color! It’s a bit pricey for a Zara pair, and the color makes them more winter-y in my eyes, but they are also slingbacks.
    But I managed to take some photos of them in the fitting room, when I was trying them on, to help me decide! 🙂

    • I have thee shoes and I absolutely adore them BUTTTT I have a wedding a want to wear them to and don’t really know what color dress to wear with them….help!!!

  • Hello lady’s, I have the shoes but one of them is broke 🙁 so… if one of you guyes have a size 39europe and dont wear them… i want to buy them!!!! Contact me pleas….

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