Pink and turquoise slingback platforms from River Island


I’m frequently bemoaning the fact that every time I find shoes I love in a bright colour, they always seem to be suede (which I love, but which isn’t always the most practical of fabrics), so when found these ones at River Island, I jumped on them. I mean, not literally, obviously. That would be shoe abuse. But I did pounce on them in a strictly figurative, internet-only kinda way, and now here they are, for you to pounce on, too.

I actually own these shoes in – what else – green suede, and really love them, because as well as being beautiful to look at, they’re also one of the more comfortable pairs of heels I own. These bright pink and turquoise versions (they’re also available in black) are a web exclusive, and are £59.99. Click here to go get ’em!


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