Charlotte Olympia Polly Cavallion calf hair pumps

I just had to show you these.

I know this particular  Charlotte Olympia silhouette is familiar to all of us by now, and that the stuck-on platform isn’t a favourite of many of you, but red and leopard print is one of my favourite combinations ever on a shoe, so these were just crying out to be featured.

And I know this is a shoe blog, not a dress blog, but I found these shoes in Net-a-Porter’s ‘New In’ section yesterday, and while I was there, these Victoria Beckham dresses cried out to be featured, too:

Well, who was I to resist them?

Charlotte Olympia Polly Cavallion calf hair pumps, £665: click here to buy them.



  • I saw these this morning as well, and was sure that they would end up on the Shoeperwoman website 🙂 they are quite beautiful though…

  • I don’t usually like the stuck-on platform, but those are beautiful. Love the leopard with red, you’re right.
    And the Victoria Beckham dresses are amazing! I would love to buy one of her dresses but they are too expensive.

  • Love all if it, especially the shoes. I like the shape of the white dress and the colour scheme on the others, but the necklines on those are a bit too high up for my ample bossoms…

  • I just got those shoes in the mail last week, and can i say they are even more amazing in person. I was not sure if i would be fond of the color choice but they are just perfect. First shoes i own by her, and will not be last. Simply amazing. favorite pair i own now by far. They are even better in person. I will have to upload a photo soon, im newer to the site and just love your site.

  • I’m not a huge fan of the platform shape of Charlotte Olympia shoes, but I love this pair. And the dresses.. well worth learning how to make them yourself. They’re just soo way over any reasonable budget.

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