Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Jolly’ Squiggle-Heel Pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Jolly' squiggle heeled pumps

Christian Louboutin ‘Jolly’ Squiggle-Heel Pumps, $795

This will be the final Friday Louboutin Fix of 2014, and although I’d like to say I’ve saved the best for last (And some of you might think that’s the case, you never know!), I actually think it would be more accurate to say I’ve saved the strangest for last – or one of the strangest, anyway.

This is Christian Louboutin’s ‘Jolly’ – which is an appropriate name for the last Louboutin before Christmas, don’t you think? Now, there’s a lot I could say about this shoe: I could talk about the simplicity of the peep toe pump, the sophisticated glamour of the black patent leather, or how amazing it is that Louboutin consistently manages to take a style that many people would consider “basic”, and turn it into something extraordinary. Let’s face it, though: there’s really only one thing anyone’s going to want to talk about with this shoe, and it’s THAT heel.

The “squiggle heel” adds a whimsical, humorous touch to a shoe that would otherwise be a study in simplicity (not that that’s a bad thing, I hasten to add). It’ll appeal to those who like their shoes to have some kind of a twist (no pun intended)  or talking point, and while these definitely qualify in that respect, I guess the only question remaining is whether the talking people will be doing about them will be the good kind or the “what on earth is THAT?” kind.

For myself, I probably wouldn’t buy these: I do like to look at them, but (and I know I’ve said this before), heels like this always look to me as if the shoe has started to buckle under the weight of the person wearing it, and that’s a little more quirky than I like. One thing’s for sure, though: these are definitely different, and I’m interested to know what you think of them. Is it love, hate or complete indifference?

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  • Christian Louboutin has the reputation for good quality and attractive high heels, but the “Jolly” squiggle heels are more of a physics eye sore to this classical stiletto heel aficionado, not to mention that the positioning of the heel shape only hold up the back of the shoes which tends to give the impression they don’t really support the heel of the foot or the arch. Every time I see this type of heel positioning, I get a terrifying image of the arch of the foot breaking down. Couple that image with the buckling heels and you have a look that appears very stressed and haggard. It is high stiletto pumps where the heel shape reminds me of slender and long stemmed wine glasses properly supporting under the forward center of the foot’s heel that are my favorite styles to wear. With the heel tips being directly under the forward center of the foot’s heel and closer to the toes, the action of walking is more accommodating to land each step also.

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