Shoe of the Day | Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’ emerald suede pumps


jimmy choo abel emerald green suede pumps at

Jimmy Choo ‘Abel’ pumps, £795

 Shoes in this particular shade of bright green are always guaranteed to catch my attention, although whether they can keep it or not is another matter.

As it happens, Jimmy Choo’s ‘Abel’ pumps have passed the test with flying colours. The green is perhaps a little brighter than I’d like (It’s a lovely colour to look like, but can be a  tricky one to style on shoes – there’s always something just a little bit ‘Evil Queen’ about pointy green shoes, somehow. Or is that just me?), but the overall effect is truly stunning, with the low-cut vamp and shiny heel combining to make the classic court shoe beautiful rather than boring.

Also doing its bit in that respect is the embellishment on the toe, which I think deserves a closer look, don’t you?

jimmy choo shoes

I’ve no idea how to describe this, so I’m just going to call it a “brooch” and leave it at that, but it’s certainly one of the more memorable shoe embellishments I’ve seen in a while, that’s for sure. It’s somewhat usual to see a decorative element that’s almost entirely the same shade as the upper (this one isn’t totally monotone, but the different shades of green are all very close to one another), but the effect is very striking – in some ways more so than if the embellishment had contrasted with the upper than than matching it.

stripe skirt and green shoes

skirt / top / bag / palette 

I received this skirt from Shopbop last week (partially funded by store credit), and can confirm that it’s every bit as amazing in real life as it is in the photos. I can’t wait to wear it, and although I unfortunately won’t be wearing it with these exact shoes, I do have a pair in a similar colour, so I might just have to try a “real life” version of this look!


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