Shoe of the Day | Dolce & Gabbana pink lace peep toes

pink lace peep toes

Dolce & Gabbana pink lace peep toes, £741

In a year when Birkenstocks were declared the very height of fashion, and everyone started wearing sneakers for non-sporting-related activities (the horror!), shoes like these give me hope that all is not totally lost.

It hasn’t been an easy year for the stiletto lover, has it? Sure, there were still a lot of pointed pumps around, and you all know how much I love a good ol’ pointed pump, but as the comfort shoe has gained dominance, the classic stiletto has taken a bit of a backseat for many designers. Right now, it’s not enough for a shoe to be beautiful or – God forbid! – elegant. Those qualities are considered a little bit old-fashioned compared to the edgy comfort of the cleated sole or the Birkenstock, but there are still plenty of brands who value them, and Dolce & Gabbana appear to be one of them. These pink lace peep toes are everything a Shoeperhero could ask for in a shoe, from the tip of their jewel-embellished toe, to the tip of their pink lace heel.

The delicate lace upper is what drew me to these shoes, although the brooch detail on the toe would probably have done it if the pretty-in-pink upper hadn’t already won me over. I think these would make beautiful bridal shoes, but they’d also work for many other occasions: I mean there has to be SOMETHING in your calendar that’s just screaming out for a pair of pink peep toes to be worn to it, right?

pink dress and 50s style coat

dress / coat  / bag

As for what to wear WITH these, well, pink is one of my favourite clothing colours right now, so I’ve stuck with various shades of it for the outfit itself. It’s the outerwear that really has me excited here, though: the cream coat is by one of my favourite brands, Suzannah, and although it’s totally out of my price range, it’s absolute perfection!

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