Silver Alexander McQueen peep toes with gold studs

silver Alexander McQueen peep toes with gold studs

Silver Alexander McQueen peep toes with gold studs, $1,445

Silver and gold: it’s a combination that used to be viewed by many as a fashion faux pas, but which is now pretty commonplace, even fashionable. I’m one of those people who used to shy away from the idea of mixed metallics, but when it’s done well, I think it can look spectacular, and these Alexander McQueen peep toes are an example of mixed metallics done very well indeed. These shoes would still have looked great had the studs been the same colour as the upper, say, but the contrast between the silver and gold is what really makes this shoe – and makes them one of the most covetable McQueen styles I’ve seen in a while.

If I was able to change one thing about these peep toes, it would be the banana heel. I’ve never been particularly keen on this look, because I think it almost always looks like a mistake, rather than a design feature. It’s something we’ve seen this brand do many times now, though, and like the mixed metallics, once you see it often enough, it starts to look a little more “normal”. I don’t think I’ll ever like this shape better than a “regular” stiletto heel, but in this case I definitely don’t hate it, and that’s good enough for now.

What I do hate about these is the price. Even without knowing the brand, you could probably tell these weren’t going to be cheap, but $1,445 puts them way out of most people’s price range. Luckily, however, there’s no charge for looking, and if you want to see some more photos of them, you can do it at Zappos, who will at least throw in free shipping if you want to save yourself some cash!

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