Nine West Acre2 two-part stripe sandals

red and white stripe sandals with blue vamp

Nine West Acre2 two-part stripe sandals, £80

Remember the Zara colourblock sandals which everyone on the internet seemed to own last year? These Nine West ‘Acre2’ heels very much remind me of them – in terms of the shape at least. They have the same high, covered heel and ankle strap, and the same single-strap front: the big difference, of course, is that while Zara released their shoe in a couple of variations on the “colourblock” theme, these use a bold red, white and blue stripe instead.

I was really excited when I saw the thumbnail photo of these shoes. Although I didn’t buy a pair of the Zara sandals myself, I did love the style, and I though these were a very nautical-inspired version of it, in red, white and blue. I was totally prepared to start coveting them as soon as the page loaded (I rarely meet a stripe sandal I don’t love), but when it did, I was a little taken aback by the blue section, which was not, as I’d thought, a blue and white stripe, but a swirly “rope” pattern. While that DOES, obviously, tie in with the nautical theme of the shoe, I somehow don’t think it works well with the bold stripes, and while I still like these, I can’t help but think how much MORE I’d like them if the front of the shoe matched the back: or even if the rope pattern was replaced with a plain blue strap.

Is the back of these shoes nice enough to make up for the front? I was just about to answer “no” to that, until I saw this picture:

high heel stripe sandals by Nine West

And now I think I kinda love them, swirly strap and all.

What do you think?

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  • I totally agree with you! It doesn’t really fit with the simplicity of the heel and until you get quite close you probably can’t even tell that it’s rope so it would just look like random swirls. I hate it when you find a shoe that you think is perfect until you see a detail and it’s still a pretty shoe but it’s nowhere near as good as it could have been.

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