Charlotte Olympia Love Me Heart-Applique Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Love Me Heart-Applique Pump

Charlotte Olympia Love Me Heart-Applique Pumps, $1450

Earlier this year, I showed you Charlotte Olympia’s ‘Valentine’ pumps. These aren’t exactly the same, but they’re based along a similar theme, with an all-over heart appliqué atop the familiar Charlotte Olympia platform. As you know, I have a soft spot for hearts on shoes, and I like the nude/blush pink colour mix on these ones, which gives them a slightly more subtle feel than the bright red ‘Valentine’ version. The patchwork look, meanwhile, gives them a bit of a 70s/hippy vibe, which probably wasn’t the intention here, but which is what they make me think of anyway.

These shoes are called “Love Me”. Most of the time, your answer to that is “no” when it comes to Charlotte Olympia shoes, but do these ones make you have a change of heart? (Boom boom…)

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