Zalando Collection blue suede shoes with wide strap

bue suede shoes with high heels and wide strap

Zalando Collection blue suede shoes, £39

Emerald is being described as the colour of Spring, but I’m noticing a lot more of this bright blue shade around right now. Mind you, that COULD be simply because I love this colour so much that it always seems to jump out at me – especially when there’s a beautiful shoe attached to it!

These shoes in particular caught my eye as I browsed the Zalando website yesterday morning – not just because of the colour, but because of that unusual, wide strap across the front. A more sophisticated take on the Mary Jane, it’s a detail which also helped persuade me these probably cost more than they actually do, so the £39 sale price came as a pleasant surprise. I love the two little buttons to the side, which help give the wide strap the look of spats: or is that just me?

These also come in black, but while the blue version is still available in all sizes, the black is selling out fast!

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  • I don’t like the wide strap that much. Why not just make it a shoe boot and be done with it? Big fan of the colour.

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