KG by Kurt Geiger red bow ‘Echinacea’ platform shoes

I’ve been aware of these shoes for what feels like a while now, so I was surprised to find I haven’t ever featured them here. Perhaps I’ve been suffering from a temporary case of “bow blindness” or something. (Yeah, I know: AS IF.)

Anyway, these Kurt Geiger platforms are bright red, and have one of the biggest bows I’ve ever seen on a shoe, so naturally you’d assume I’d be salivating at the very sight of them. You would assume wrong, there, though, because these bows are too big even for me, although I’m fickle enough that I could probably be persuaded by them if I found them on sale, in my size – an event almost as likely as the earth suddenly starting to revolve around the moon, or me deciding to buy a pair of Crocs.

What do you think of these shoes?


  • I love these! Although the bow IS very large, I think the unusual placement on the side keeps them from being too sickeningly sweet. Unfortunately, as a college student these aren’t even close to my price range. :'(

  • I would’ve loved them if they looked exactly like the picture shown above. But on the website you can see that the bow comes with an adjustable strap, which gives them -what I feel is- a very cheap look.

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