Naughty Monkey ‘Glitterati’ taupe court shoes with bow

taupe suede shoes with glitter heel and toe by Naughty Monkey

Naughty Monkey ‘Glitterati’, $79.99

I’ve been doing my best to steer clear of glitter-encrusted shoes ever since New Year (It usually takes me until the middle of summer at least before I’m ready to even think about the “party season” and all it entails, again!), but these Naughty Monkey ‘Glitteati’ pumps managed to suck me in with their sophisticated sparkle.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of taupe. I always think it’s a very “grown up” kind of shade, which is why I think it works so well here in toning down the glitter sections on the heel and toe cap. On a much brighter upper, these would be very different shoes, and I’d probably find them way too gaudy for for my tastes. In this more muted colourway, however, they become very wearable, and while many people still consider things like glitter and sequins to be an “evening only” kind of look, if you’re up for trying a bit of daytime glitz, I think these could be a relatively easy way to do it.

I particularly like the little gap at the heel, which gives these an almost vintage look. Not bad for $80!

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