Yay or Nay? Tory Burch Clara Floral d’Orsay Bow Pump

Tory Burch Clara Floral d'Orsay Bow Pump

Tory Burch Clara Floral d’Orsay Bow Pump

Anyone watch Outlander?

(Er, if you answered “no” to that question, you might want to just skip the rest of this post, by the way – it’s not going to make much sense!)

Terry and I just finished watching some of the episodes set in Paris, and if you haven’t seen them, trust me when I tell you they’re worth watching for the fashion alone. Now, I know absolutely nothing about fashion history, but as soon as I saw these Tory Burch ‘Clara’ heels, it struck me that they look just a little bit out of time – much like Claire is in Outlander. As I said, I know I’ll have gotten the time period all wrong here, but these just really made me think of something women might have worn at the French court, as opposed to in any more modern setting. I mean, I can’t really see them at the office, can you? Didn’t think so.

What DO you think of them, though? Because I can’t quite decide whether they’re refreshingly different, or just a bit old fashioned. I do know I hate the heel – which is actually a much more contemporary touch on these – but that’s pretty much a given for me: I’m always talking about how I prefer heels on shoes to be left well alone, and these are no exception. As for the rest of the shoe, though… well, I do like the pattern, and I also like the giant velvet bow. I”m just not convinced I like all of them together, and the more I look at the overall effect, the more I think of the 18th century rather than the 21s: although, then again, it’s possible I’ve just bene binge-watching more of Outlander than is really good for me.

What do you think: YAY or NAY?


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