Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps

Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps

Jimmy Choo Crystal Suede Point Toe Pumps

You could tell just by looking that these shoes were NOT going to be cheap, couldn’t you?

Well, you were right about that: these will set you back no less than £3,700, which is a figure that makes me feel a little bit faint, actually: I think I might have to go and lie down…

It’s justified by all of the crystals that are dotted all over the upper, of course, but while it’s a true “fairytale shoe” effect, I’m pretty sure the price tag alone would make too scared to ever wear these. (Unless I was super-rich, obviously, in which case I’d buy them in gold AND silver, and wear them absolutely everywhere…) These are the kind of shoes you’d want to instantly take out an insurance policy for, and maybe build some kind of glass display case to keep them in, too – well, I can’t really imagine them rubbing heels with all of the other, lesser shoes on the shelves, can you?

(The phrase “rubbing heels” just made me wince a little at the thought of my £3,700 heels rubbing against anything – ouch!)

Still, if you have the cash, they’re absolutely beautiful shoes, and the kind of thing you’d reserve for a very special occasion indeed: they’d make amazing bridal shoes, for one thing, but unless you spend your life attending balls and red carpet events, I’m honestly not sure how much use you’d get out of them, really. Any ideas?

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