ASOS Princess Peep Toe Shoes

Oh dear. I think I may just have identified my 72nd pair of shoes. And maybe the 73rd too, actually. Yes, I know they’re just plain peep toes, but during the warmer months of the year, I more or less live in plain peep toes: they’re one of my favourite style of shoes, the shape works with just about anything, and it so happens that I’ve been on the lookout for a red pair for quite some time now. And a nude pair. I could really be doing with a black pair too, and I’m not even joking here. Seriously, give me these three shoes, plus some peep-toe appropriate weather, and I bet I could wear nothing else on my feet for a month. Hey, maybe that should be my next shoe challenge?

The nude pair of these actually looks a little on the white side to me (even my pale legs aren’t quite that colour), but the red is just the shade I’m looking for: it’s bright, but not so bright that it looks cheap, which can sometimes be a problem with red shoes.

One of the best things about these, though, is the price. They’re just £25, and you can buy them at


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