Shoe of the Day | Miss Selfridge ‘Costa’ Rica fuchsia high sandals

Miss Selfridge fuchsia high heeled sandals

Miss Selfridge ‘Costa’ Rica fuchsia high sandals, £49

One of the downsides of January is that all of the new clothes and shoes which are available right now tend to be totally inappropriate for the current weather.

Of course, that’s the way of it with EVERY season, so the theory is that you should have done all of your winter shopping back in August and September (when you were still wearing summer clothes), and now be all set for winter, and ready to shop for spring.

That’s the theory, anyway. In reality, I know I hate having to either buy things now, and put them away for weeks, or accept that they’ll probably have sold out by the time they’re weather-appropriate. But enough of the complaining: on with the shoes!

To be fair to these Miss Selfridge sandals, although they won’t work for daytime right now (or not in the Northern hemisphere, anyway!), you should still be able to find plenty of opportunities to style them with eveningwear, as the barely-there shape and gold hardware on the ankle makes them fairly dressy. By the start of January, however, I’ve had more than my fill of sequins, glitter and party dresses, and all I want to wear is jeans, sweaters, and other simple-but-stylish attire.

With that in mind, I’ve chosen to style these in a smart/causal style, centring around a pair of trusty blue jeans:

smart casual outfit featuring jeans and blazer


After years of corporate dress codes, it’s taken me a while to see shirts as anything other than stuffy and formal – the result being that I currently only own one of them, which I bought just a few months ago. This polka dot shirt is neither stuffy nor formal, though – in fact, it’s a lot of fun, and an easy way to make a pair of jeans a little more interesting: just add shoes!

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