Faith’s orange ‘Lucy’ slingback sandals

This is about the fourth pair of orange shoes I’ve spotted in the past week alone, which makes me think orange is probably going to be a big colour for this summer. I’ve surprised myself by liking almost all of them so far, but these ‘Lucy’ slingbacks from Faith aren’t going onto my wish list. Without the crystals, they just might have made it: they have a lovely shape, and as I said, I’m fairly digging the ol’ orange right now, but embellishments like this always look really cheap to me, and these in particular have a bit of a “DIY” look to them, as if the shoe didn’t originally look like that, and someone just came along and stuck on the “jewels” for a joke. It’s a shame, because they’d have been rather lovely without them.

If you think they’re fine just as they are, these are ยฃ70, are also available in silver, and you can buy a pair here.


  • you should consider having the full message available in the RSS feeds… right now when going through most of my feeds, yours are the only ones were I only get a part of the text only (ok not the only ones, I also have the shiny shiny ones, but at least they include some photos in theirs)

    Seriously, most of the time I will just skip the message rather than open the website.

    Love the website and I hate missing good content ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi,

      I do realise that many people prefer full feeds, but unfortunately that isn’t always something that’s practical for a website that’s being run as a business. If no one ever visits my website because they’re reading the content elsewhere, the site doesn’t make any money. And if the site doesn’t make any money, then it’s no longer a viable business, and I have to go and get a job in an office somewhere and stop writing about shoes for a living ๐Ÿ™‚ The bottom line, unfortunately, is that the site needs visitors if it’s to survive. I do understand that it can be annoying, and I also understand if you feel it’s too much trouble to click through, but it isn’t something that we do to annoy people, it’s purely a business decision. No traffic = no revenue = no Shoeperwoman. We did experiment with full feeds at one point, but it had a huge impact on our traffic and revenue, and for that reason we weren’t able to continue with it, unfortunately.

  • I LOVE these. Crystals and all, which is not something I would usually go for. For some reason, it just seems to work!

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