Summery shoes from Prada SS 2017

PRADA Bow-embellished satin wedge sandals

PRADA Floral-appliquéd patent-leather sandals

PRADA Feather-embellished satin mules

Prada heart shoes

All shoes: Prada at Net-a-Porter

I’ve been trying to stay away from Net-a-Porter lately, because it only serves to swell my shopping wish list with more items I can’t possibly afford to buy, but I risked a look a couple of weeks ago, and found myself totally sucked into the candy-coloured daydream that is the Prada spring/summer collection.

While I wouldn’t necessarily wear all of it, this entire collection is so fun and frivolous that it’s a welcome distraction from the grey skies I can see out the window as I write this post. Hearts, flowers feathers: it has it all – and a whole lot more that I haven’t featured here, so don’t blame me if you end up getting similarly sucked in by it all!

Of all of the shoes shown, my favourites by far would have to be the green satin and feather mules: no, I have absolutely nowhere to wear them – and probably would never wear them, because I’d be too scared to damage them – but they have a truly glamorous, decadent look to them, which makes me imagine the person wearing them would no doubt spend her days swanning around in a silk robe, and sipping a martini. I would love to be that person, but, alas, I’ll just have to keep on dreaming! For purely practical reasons, then, if I had to pick just one pair of these, I’d probably go for the black/ floral strappy sandals: no, they’re not exactly “practical” in the truest sense of that word, but they’re essentially a pair of particularly gorgeous summer/evening sandals, which means I’d have a much better chance of actually getting to wear them every now and then.

Which would you choose, if you absolutely HAD to pick a pair of shoes from the ones pictured?

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