Carvela Kurt Geiger red patent ‘Glimmer’ sandals

Carvela Kurt Geiger red patent 'Glimmer' sandals

Carvela Kurt Geiger red patent ‘Glimmer’ sandals

These shoes come in red patent, gold leather, and soft pink suede. My favourites are actually the pink suede version, but I’m choosing to show you the red patent here, partly because they’re the most “show-stopping” of the three, but mostly because I think I’ve featured more than enough pink suede shoes here lately – and given that I can’t actually seem to look at a pair of the things without immediately wanting to buy them (and occasionally succumbing to that impulse), I think it’s best for all of us if I just stick to the other colours. For now.

That’s not to say I don’t like the other colours, mind you. For me, red and gold are two of my go-to shoe colours: in fact, I could probably get by quite happily if, for some reason, those were suddenly the only colours left in my shoedrobe for some reason. These colours just go with so much of my wardrobe (as does pale pink) that they’re almost neutrals for me: gold definitely is, anyway. As for red: well, I’m not going to claim it works with absolutely everything I own (I wouldn’t wear it with green, for instance, for fear of looking like one of Santa’s little elves…) but, more often than not, I’ll find myself reaching for another pair of red shoes when I’m getting ready in the morning, purely because the colour is such an easy way to brighten up an otherwise basic outfit.

But I digress.

Colours aside, these shoes are your standard, single-strap sandal, with a narrow ankle-strap to hold them in place. They’re simple, but they still manage to have tons of impact, and that combination makes them the kind of shoes that could quite happily remain on rotation for years – whichever colour you decide to go for.

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