Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 27/75: New Look gold peep toes

WHAT: New Look gold peep toes
WHEN: Saturday, July 9th, 2011
WHERE: Family dinner
WITH: Lace skirt, River Island; sweater, Ralph Lauren (gifted)

Well, folks, I’m back to my indoor shoe shots again, and, as you can see, I’m also back to WOOLEN SWEATERS, although that turned out to be a bit of a mistake, because although it was grey and wet outside the window, it turned out to be one of those muggy, thundery days, for which cashmere isn’t really recommended. Note to self: check the temperature, rather than just looking out of the window when you’re planning what to wear…

One thing I hadn’t planned on wearing here was these shoes:

It wasn’t the shoes’ fault. I mean, they’re just a simple pair of gold peep toes, and completely inoffensive. It’s just that, right now, the shoes I most want to wear tend to be the closed-toe, winter-appropriate pumps, rather than the peep toes or strappy sandals. And, of course, there’s nothing actually wrong with wearing that style of shoe in the height of summer – or not unless you’re doing a Shoe Challenge, anyway, and know that unless you save all of your summery shoes NOW, by the time winter arrives, all of your “winter” shoes will be already safe, and you’ll find yourself staring at a shelf full of sandals which you have no hope whatsoever of wearing in the snow.

I’m finally up to date with Shoe Challenge posts! Now to get on with saving some more…


    • He did indeed, I’m really happy with them – makes it so much easier to see which shoes need to be saved, too! (And, in theory, stops me buying too many more of the same styles. Just in theory, though.)

  • Love the lace skirt! It’s a good thing you didn’t wear winter shoes, those look great with your outfit and you had the chance to save them too! 🙂
    What I love the most is the background. I’m in love with those shoe shelves, so jealous, hehe.. If only I had enough space in my house to do something like this.
    And good to see Shoeperdog again! 🙂

  • what’s a chocolate button? Is it actually chocolate? Wow, Rubin eats chocolate? Sorry, I am caught up on the chocolate button. Yay! So glad you saved another pair!

  • I’ve always been nervous about the whole all neutrals outfit thing, fearing it would wash me out. But this outfit is absolutely stunning and you have convinced me it’s worth giving it a shot! I actually had a skirt like that but it shrunk in the wash and is now nowhere near my preferred skirt length 🙁

    P.S: I’m really glad Rubin approved of your shoe choice, we all know he’s really in charge. Right Rubin?

  • Ack! I really love this “nude” color with gold or any metallic accessories! Your fire colored hair gets a chance to really speak for itself!

  • Ooh! lovely!

    I snapped up that River Island skirt last week in the sale, and am loving it – it has quickly become an absolute staple of my wardrobe (yes, I know, in just one week, but honestly, I’m completely in love with it!)

    • I know what you mean – I got mine in February (I think) and was wearing it with tights and boots, and now it’s bare legs and peep toes: It’s pretty versatile!

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