Valentino 100mm rock stud bow boots

Valentino 100mm rock stud bow boots

Valentino 100mm rock stud bow boots, £787.35


What’s better than studs on shoes?

Bows on shoes.

And what’s better than bows on shoes?

Studded bows on shoes, of course. Or on boots, in this case.

One of the things I really love about Valentino as a brand is its ability to be both super-girlie (the bows) and a little bit tough (the studs) at the same time. That’s definitely the case with these ankle boots, which feature studded straps winding across the foot and up to the ankle, where they end in an oversized bow. Despite the presence of not just one, but two stand-out features, however, these still manage to be very classic, which is, of course, another Valentino trademark. Sadly, so is the price tag, but then these were never going to be “cheap” exactly, were they?

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  • I adore these! Studded boots are usually feel very high school to me (because of what I wore in high school not because studded boots are for teenagers) but the bow and the delicate silhouette make all the difference.

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