New Look Calm Studded Western Heeled Tan Ankle Boots

tan ankle boots

Tan ankle boots, £24.99

Late last summer, after yet another day spent trailing over rain-soaked ground in unsuitable shoes, I made myself a promise to never get caught out like that again, and to invest in some nice, low heeled ankle boots which would keep my feet dry, and which I wouldn’t mind getting covered in mud every so often. This explains my recent interest in ankle boots, and why I’m showing you these ones today, even although they’re a little bit different from the type of shoe I usually feature here.

These are by New Look, and remind me a lot of a very similar pair from Zara, which I liked, but stupidly didn’t buy, last season. Unlike the Zara boots, however, which had a paler, suede upper, and would therefore have been that bit easier for me to ruin, these ones are made of imitation leather, so they should be reasonably hard-wearing. (They’ll also fulfil the “I won’t mind too much if they get covered in mud” part of my criteria. Well, there’s no point ruining a good pair of boots, is there?) Tan is also one of my favourite colours for boots, because it looks good with most colours. At the weekend, I saw a woman wearing pale blue jeans and shirt, a camel coloured coat, and boots very like these: she looked great, and is probably one of the reasons I tracked these down today, so credit where it’s due.

The best thing about these is probably the price, though: they’re just £24.99, which is about as cheap as it gets for a pair of boots!

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  • Today I’m restarting many things in my life, and one is being back to the web and your adorable shoe site! I didn’t post shoes, but soon I will and will go to the Forum. Right now I’m in love with these booties! I have quite similar ones, but they are not the same, so am I a sinner if I get these now? I think they are worth!

  • I have these! They’re comfy, and look nice with skinny jeans, and actually look quite nice with some dresses and tights.

    Only one concern though – the shape of the heel means it does feel like it’s moving forward under you when you walk (does that sound mental?).

    These have held up well in dreich Aberdeen weather though, and haven’t marked at all. Great for the price!

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