Le Silla turquoise suede sandals with embellished heels

turquoise high heels with jewel embellishment

turquoise strappy sandals with embellished heels

Le Silla sandals, £730

This is what I think of as a “back-to-front” shoe: i.e., I have to show the back first, because it’s a whole lot more interesting than the front!

That’s not to say that the fronts of these Le Silla sandals are boring, of course. Actually, without the embellished heel, I think I’d probably have at least stopped to look at them, because the turquoise suede upper is such a beautiful colour, and one that we don’t see nearly often enough on shoes. The criss-cross straps, meanwhile, are another nice touch, and while slim straps aren’t a huge selling point for me personally, they’ve been popping up just about everywhere this season, which makes them very “of the moment”, if that matters to you.

But back to the heels… because, let’s face it, they’re the thing everyone’s going to be staring at, and with good reason, too. They’re the kind of feature it would be hard NOT to stare at, and although the sheer delicacy would make me terrified to wear outdoors, they’re not exactly the type of shoe that’s designed for lots of walking, so you should be able to keep them safe using the old “change shoes when you get there” trick.

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