Topshop ‘Grand’ asymmetric pumps

Topshop 'Grand' asymmetric court shoes Topshop asymmetric pumps

Topshop ‘Grand’ asymmetric court shoes, £58

Yeah, yeah, I know: it’s Topshop AGAIN. I know I’ve been featuring them a lot lately, but I just can’t help it: I’ve always liked their shoes, but this season they’re absolutely killing it in the footwear department… and also in the fluffy sweater department, if the truth be told. Having just bought a new house, I’m on a tighter-than-usual budget right now, which makes the daily drops of Shoe Kryptonite absolute torture to me: I was almost afraid to look at the site on Friday morning, lest I be led into yet more temptation, and as it turned out, I was right to be afraid, because just look at these beauties!

These black asymmetric pumps are very similar, not to the infamous Zara asymmetric pumps (which have steeper sides and a differently shaped toe), but to a slightly less well-known model which was released right after them. Although those shoes didn’t get quite the attention their predecessors did, they were just as stunning, in that sleek, understated kind of way, and I reckon the same could be said of these ‘Grand’ pumps, too. I really like the asymmetry of the toe, which I actually think is a more flattering on the foot than the straight line of the earlier shoes, and although the cut of the sides is less dramatic, it’s still very elegant.

These have black suede uppers and a very manageable 4″ heel, and are the kind of shoes I think of as all-time classics, which will pretty much pay for themselves over the course of their lifetime. If the suede upper makes you worry that the lifetime in question might not be a particularly long one, however, Topshop are also currently selling a black leather pump in a similar (although not quite as stunning) style: they’re called ‘Great’ and you can fid them here.

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