Buffalo green polka dot platform sandals and red flats

green polka dot platform sandals with blue platform

There’s an obvious bit of Shoe Deja Vu going on here between these Buffalo sandals, and Miu Miu’s polka dot platforms from last summer: the bright green upper, the crossover front, the ankle strap and the platform. Nevertheless, they’re not identical: the Buffalo version adds a blue platform, and uses slimmer straps -there’s definitely no danger of them being mistaken for Miu Miu, but I’m rather taken with them all the same, as you can probably imagine. Well, green, polka dots, bright blue – it’s like they were made just to tempt me.

green polka dot shoes

While we’re on the subject of polka dots, temptation, and Buffalo, here’s another pair from their summer collection which caught my eye:

red polka dot flats

Although I’m not a huge fan of flat shoes, I always like to have at least one red pair in stock at any given time, and I wear them until they fall apart, red being one of my shoe “neutrals”. These ones are super-cute, and will add a touch of fun to even a dull pair of jeans…or shorts, or whatever else you want to wear them with.

You can  view these, and the rest of the Buffalo collection, at Spartoo.


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