Miss Selfridge ‘Showgirl’ metallic heeled Mary Janes

Miss Selfridge Showgirl Mary Janes

Miss Selfridge ‘Showgirl’ metallic heeled Mary Janes, £60

I can’t tell you how showgirls might feel about these shoes, but I can tell you how shoeperheroes feel about them: they love them. In fact, they were one of those shoes that instantly made me go, “Ooh! I’m SO blogging those!” as soon as they appeared on my screen.

These are from Miss Selfridge, and are in a fabulous rose gold shade which is just perfect for autumn. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find myself wearing a lot of browns, golds and dark greens at this time of year (I like to dress a bit like an autumnal tree, in other words…), and these would work perfectly with that colour scheme, with the gold accents giving them a little bit of glamour, too.

I also really like the contrast of suede and leather (or faux leather, as the case is here), and, of course, the little button on the strap. I’m such a sucker for a little button on a strap…

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