Carvela ‘Start’ black patent shoe boots

Carvela start black patent shoe boots

Carvela ‘Start’ black patent ankle boots, £149.99

Last winter, I found myself more or less living in shoe boots. They’re the perfect solution to colder weather: all of the style and ease-of-wear of a pair of shoes  (I know it’s a minor point in the great scheme of things, but most of my high boots are over-the-knee styles, and they can be a pain to drag on and off, sometimes requiring a bit of help from Shoeperman! This is yet another reason I much prefer summer shoes to winter ones: you just have to slip them on and you’re done!), but all of the coverage of boots: what’s not to love?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s not to love: suede uppers. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I do love the look of suede uppers. But suede isn’t exactly the most practical of fabrics for winter, and that’s a shame, because it’s what most shoe boots seem to be made of.

Not these ones, though. Nope, these Carvela boots have a black patent upper, which will not only be a lot more hard-wearing than suede, it also  has a bit of a dressy feel to it, too, making these great for those days when you want to look a little bit smarter.

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  • I love them. The only pair of shoe boots I’ve found that I wanted to buy were Louboutins, and when I tried them on they were so tall I could barely walk. So I have been on the lookout for some ever since. These could fit the bill!

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