Shoeper Shopping: TK Maxx shoes September 2012

orange glitter heel shoes

Una glitter-heeled pumps, £24.99

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reports about TK Maxx from the shoeperstars in the shoe forum lately, so I decided I had to check it out for myself!

I’m a big TK Maxx fan (Yes, it’s the same store you know as TJ Maxx in the States, US readers: I’ve no idea why it has a different name over here!): up until a few years ago, a high percentage of my shoe collection came from TK Maxx, and I would go in regularly to check out the new stock. For some reason, though, I haven’t been visiting as regularly as I used to, but tales of Casadei shoes and Vivienne Westwood dresses drew me back in! Unfortunately, my local store didn’t have anything quite as high-end as that: I find that the stock in TK Maxx varies dramatically, not just from store-to-store, but from day to day, too, so I’ll have to make a point of visiting more regularly to see what else I can find.

In the meantime, there may have been no designer bargains lurking on the shelves, but there were no shortage of shoes from some of my favourite brands. Here’s what I found…

tan over the knee boots

These were my favourite pick by far. They’re by Chinese Laundry, they were £49.99, and they just so happen to be

I exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for, for those long, winter walks I like to take at this time of year. Unfortunately for me, although there were plenty of pairs in stock, they were all a UK size 3, which was much too small: boo!

Some other shoeper spots:

nude shoes

Nude pumps by Carvela, £30

Jessica Simpson shoes

Purple Jessica Simpson pumps, £29.99

Ted Baker shoes

Black cutwork Ted Baker peep toes, £33 (excuse the blurry photo – I was being watched!)

red high heel shoes
I actually forgot to note down the brand of these red and blue pumps, but I do remember it was a well-known high street brand, and these were each £39.99.

purple shoes

Ravel stud-heel pumps, £15

Anyone else been into TK Maxx lately? What did you find?


  • I love having a look in TK Maxx too although like you say, the stock varies quite dramatically! I bought a pair of Carvela pumps in the Belfast branch (which is usually a bit crap to be honest) last week – the same as those nude ones but baby blue – for £14! My local branch in Coventry oftem as KG and Carvela shoes and I even spotted a pair of Chie Mihara courts a few weeks back – these usually retail for upwards of £250 but they were about £60. It’s a better bet for clothes than shoes – usually the ‘designer’ clothes in TK Maxx are made up from ends of bolts of fabric and not with the same care as the proper designer stuff, but of course this isn’t the case with shoes 🙂

  • I am in love with the Ravel pumps! On Saturday I’ll be in the Uk again and will certainly go to the nearest TL Maxx (I know they will have other articles, but anyway, nice!)

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